Finally a flexible working system that people want to use. HotDeskPlus is:

Available in mobile and desktop versions

Gives increased flexibility.

Simple and intuitive for all users

Managers can see MI at any level and users can book in or out in seconds, on either the mobile app or browser version.


Safe and secure (based on Microsoft Azure-encrypted technology).

Managed with one-click

One click to book, bulk-book and check in/out actions, making the user experience simple and efficient.

app screen

Core Features


Self-certification, return to work, remote working, social distancing and contact tracing

Single Sign On

Log in to HotDeskPlus with your existing corporate identity (incl. Azure, Google, AWS, SAML2.0, Okta)

Active Directory

Simple integration with your organisation’s corporate directory.

Calendar integration

Integrate meetings across all calendars, including Outlook and Google.

Centralised MI

Access data-rich Management Information across all your locations with just one click.

Flexible payment methods

Pay by credit card, direct debit or company invoice.

What it does

Empty desks and meeting rooms = wasted money and reduced efficiency.

HotDeskPlus is here to help by:

Reducing costs

  1. real estate costs are second only to resource costs
  2. proven 55%* reduction in costs
  3. more than 300%* ROI

* Based on completed client projects

Improving real-estate utilisation

  1. align to strategy and up to 10:6 people to desk ratio
  2. maps projection against utilisation
  3. real time MI drives informed real-estate decisions

Being easily scaleable

  1. teams as small as 10 individuals to global organisations
  2. secure cloud-based solution suitable for all institutions

Improving employee wellbeing

  1. improves work environment and overall employee wellbeing
  2. supports those who work part-time or have family responsibilities
  3. manages planned and unplanned absence from work

Generating detailed MI

  1. generates detailed MI for project costs, utilisation and employee behavioural patterns
  2. faclitiates Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)
  3. rich data model enables usability data to be analysed to improve desk utilisation rates

Monitoring project costs

  1. users can allocate time to a project or cost code
  2. simple, intuitive one-stop system, saving you time and money

What HotDeskPlus means for you:


  1. reduced real estate costs
  2. detailed MI
  3. advanced analytics of real-time utilisation to improve your desk-to-employee ratio
  4. Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) - gain understanding of your employees


  1. a simple, accurate overview of your employees' desk and meeting room utilisation
  2. a reduction in the number of empty desks and meeting rooms
  3. improved employee wellbeing
  4. increased opportunities for flexible working


  1. book a desk
  2. check in/out
  3. request a desk or meeting room for a minute or a month
  4. have peace of mind that you will have a desk each day as required
  5. supports flexible working in a variety of locations