Workspace optimising software

Optimise your workspace, reduce costs and improve your employees’ wellbeing and productivity.

Our flexible-working SaaS application is perfect for today’s workplace. It’s intuitive, easy to use and built on scalable and secure, cutting-edge, cloud-based technology. Exceptional value for money, brought to you by our award-winning software experts.

Your office. Your people. Our app.

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Your office. Your people. Our app.

HotDeskPlus is an affordable SaaS solution with powerful, data-rich management information that will help you optimise your workspace and reduce real-estate costs by as much as 55%. Whether you like to book the same desk every day, or regularly change your position in the office, our user-friendly flexible working software is perfect for you. It’s intuitive, simple and easy to use. What’s more, the certainty of having a desk space can help alleviate stress amongst employees, improving their wellbeing and increasing productivity. Our HotDeskPlus SaaS solution is easy to install, scalable and secure. It’s competitively priced too, so why not start your free trial today?

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